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    Ammonite Shell Triplet 15 mm x 24 mm

    • Material: Ammonite shell / Fused Quartz / Jet
    • Mohs Hardness: 3.5 - 4 (Ammonite shell)
    • Dimensions: 15 mm x 24 mm x 5.43 mm (mm = millimeters)
    • Weight: 13.3 carats total
    • Type: Triplet (jet backing, ammonite, crystal cap)
    • Backing depth: N/A
    • Backing material: Jet
    • Treatment: stabilized triplet
    Ammonite shell cabochons are organic gemstones made from the fossilized shells of ammonites, the shells themselves are made of aragonite. The triplet is composed of a very thin iridescent layer of ammonite shell. This thin layer is backed with jet to reinforce it, then capped with colorless fused quartz to protect the shell and preserve its beauty. Ammonite shell used in the gem industry is only found in a small area of southwestern Alberta Canada, making it extremely rare and very valuable.

    1. Finished 15 mm x 24 mm Ammonite shell triplet Cabochon (ready for setting)