This category contains exquisite sterling silver cuffs that are set with a variety of rare and unique gemstones.

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Pink Rhodochrosite .925 Sterling Silver Wire Style Cuff Rhodochrosite, pink, pink Rhodochrosite, banded Rhodochrosite, .925 sterling silver, wire style, heavy cuff, cuff, beautiful
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This .925 sterling silver cuff features 4 mm wide heavy sterling silver wire and a large 31 mm x 22 mm (head) arrow shaped Rhodochrosite stone set in a recessed 40 mm x 30 mm (head) frosted sterling silver base with a 1 mm x 2 mm raised outer edge. The highly polished stone contains wonderful pink colors in a fantastic alternating pattern of light and dark shades. This cuff can be adjusted for different wrist sizes by gently bending the wire as needed create a comfortable fit. The cuff ships...

Sterling Silver Eagle Cuff cuff, sterling silver cuff, eagle cuff, silver eagle cuff
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Silver Eagle Cuff Special Order Item Only Weight: 90 grams (3.2 ounces) Width: 18 - 34 millimeters Thickness: 2.25 millimeters The intricate eagle design is recessed 1 millimeter deep into this beautiful sterling silver cuff. This is a large synclastic cuff made from over three ounces of sterling silver. The dark patina of the recessed design stands out against the bright silver finish of the cuff giving it a bold look. This is a special order item that's sized for the wearer. Use the...

You won't find unusual gemstones like these at your local jewelry store. All silver jewelry made by Gemtree Creative Designs is handcrafted in the USA.