• Contains ancient glass and antique bronze coins
  • Coins are dated from the 3rd and 4th Century AD
  • Includes certificate of authenticity
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    This amazing bracelet features alternating ancient glass and antique bronze coins that measure 10 mm in diameter. It is a product of the "The Roman Glass Co." of Israel and contains ancient glass that was discovered in an archaeological excavation located in the Holy Land. The color of the glass will vary due to the exquisite surface coloring, called "patina", which results from the chemical interaction of the glass with the mineral rich soil over the course of 2000 years. This typically results in a natural pale blue iridescent glow that is absolutely mesmerizing. Coins are dated back to the 3rd and 4th Century. Important: Roman glass should never need cleaning as its appearance is the result of natural aging. You must NEVER allow the roman glass to come in contact with water or liquids of any kind. The silver in the bracelet should be cleaned often with a dry cloth made for jewelry cleaning to prevent oxidation, and to allow for cleaning without the use cleaning liquids. This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. .925 Sterling Silver.

    1 - 7.75" 2 Strand Toggle Bracelet with Ancient Roman Glass & Antique Roman Coins

    Certificate of Authenticity